Till the end of 2002, meetings were conducted in freely allotted places, rented rooms and auditoriums. It became difficult to find out rented space on regular basis. Then we started praying for a land to conduct the church meetings. The Lord wonderfully led us to a piece of land on the National High Way in Cochin. This is a 5000 sq. meters of land where a Cattle Feed & Coconut Products Factory was functioning for years. The factory had been closed down and the property was put in auction by the financiers. A man got it in auction. He was ready to sell it to us, but we had no money.
The landlord was kind enough to allow us to start prayer meetings even before we paid anything. For some time we had to pay monthly rent. Later we came to a hire-purchase agreement for five years` period for half of the plot. We renovated the existing halls of the old factory and used them. Many times we had to modify and extent the halls to accommodate the ever-growing crowd. Finally we built a separate 16,000 sq. feet facility. The old halls are being used for Kids` Church and for other weekly meetings.